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Facts about Employer and Employee Relations

Employer Employee Relations Let’s face some of the facts about the employer and employee relations. No employer hires an employee with the intention of making their time at work as miserable as possible. In the same instance, no employee joins a company with the sole purpose of making things difficult for the employer. So why […]

Creating the Best Workplace

Creating the Best Workplace How can YOU make a difference at work? We focus a lot on working with the business owner when it comes to creating the best possible workplace and achieving positive engagement. This does pose a question though. Can any of this be effective without the support from the employees? The answer […]

Change. Reality or Buzzword?

Change. Have you ever found yourself thinking about Change and discarding the need for it? After all, you are managing without having to change anything, for now. Let’s face some facts. Change is inevitable in any business. Consider what Uber has done to the Taxi Industry and what Amazon is doing to retail. This has […]

Business Needs Analysis – Your Business Health Check

Business Needs Analysis The business Needs Analysis is the cornerstone to your strategic plan. This overall strategy will then need to be worked into a detailed strategic plan. Conducting this analysis, you need to focus on the following: Operations Financials Marketing Human Resources Product Development Production Processes Now, Review your market and competitors and combine the […]

Steps to Change Management

What do we mean when talking about the steps to change management? Identifying the need for change is one thing, implementing it with success is another. Follow the basic process, and your chance of success increases. It is crucial to fully understand the underlying issues prior to committing to changing any process or behaviour pattern. […]

Should Leaders be Managers?

Tough Question to Answer Should Leaders be Managers or is it even possible to be both? This is the question that may play on the minds of many business owners and managers but we need to bring it into perspective. We are very quick to point out the difference between a leader and a manager. […]

Performance Management Systems

Performance Management Systems There is a variety of  performance management systems available, and as can be expected, they may deliver varying results. For many managers, it is just a necessary ‘evil’ that managers slog through every 12 months. Starting out as a useful tool, it has become a routine. The worst part is that employees start viewing […]

The Common Denominator for Every Business

What is The Common Denominator for Every Business? Every business has one thing in common, call it the common denominator for every business. That is attracting clients to the business, and more to the point, finding ways to turn first time clients into long term clients. You may very well provide the best product or […]

Using Leadership for Motivation in the Workplace

 Using Leadership for Motivation in the Workplace When using leadership for motivation in the workplace, you get results. The fact is that you are not able to motivate a person. What you can do though is create the environment in which people feel motivated to do their work. This is where leadership comes in. If […]

What Role Does Staff Engagement Play?

Let’s Face The Facts About Staff Engagement Staff engagement is a vital aspect for every business. When employees are disengaged, they are no longer committed to the success of your business. In fact, you may very well find that they are actively seeking alternative employment. When this is the case, you will find the following […]