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Need Training at Your Workplace?

Here you will find some of the courses we bring to your workplace.

Our Specialist Trainer will consult with you and develop the training material to meet your specific needs.

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Altering Workplace Behaviour

Motivation in the Workplace

Understand What Motivates People

We have changed. What matters today?

Learn how to communicate

Understand what impacts on staff morale

Want to have the best team?

Join us for this powerful training!

What is Motivation in the Workplace?

When talking about motivation in the workplace, let’s make one thing clear right at the start:

You cannot motivate a person! Motivation is something that comes from within.

What we can do however is to create the environment in which a person feels ‘good’ and as such they will be more motivated. This is the area of our focus.

Altering Workplace Behaviour

The concept is not new, nor is it a paradigm shift. In fact, we all know the basics, just not how to implement them. The key is to get to know every person in your company. Find out what drives them, what causes them to be happy and set up your plan.



Leadership Power

Influence with Passion

Learn how to Lead People

Understand the fundamentals of Leadership

Learn what Not to do

Do you manage people?

Do you want to move to a management role?

This is for you!

Leaders Are Born – Not Taught?

Where have you heard that before? This statement has been around for as long as I can remember and now, I will prove it wrong!

Leadership is a skill that can be, and should be taught. You need to cultivate your skills to become better at what you do and leadership is no different.

If you are serious about your career and willing to commit, I will teach you to be a Leader!


Communicate with Clarity

Sure we all know how to talk so what is to learn?

There is a huge difference between talking and communicating. Efficient communication is a skill that is an essential part of your “toolkit”

How well do you communicate?

What is to Learn?

We all talk every single day in some form or other. Actually, some people quite a bit more than others. What you have to ask yourself is whether this is talking or communicating?

Yes, there is a difference and it is a big difference. Getting your message across clearly is a skill and it is not just verbal. How many emails do you send, or reports that you submit. Are these not forms of communication?

Prepare yourself for an eye opener with this fast paced workshop!

Personal Productivity

Personal Productivity & Effectiveness

How productive are you really?

What prevents you from getting things done?

How do you plan your day?

What are your goals?

These are just some of the questions we will address and show you how to make an immediate difference to your productivity. Apply this to your life, not just work!

How Was Your Day?

Feeling frustrated because you could not get everything done and we know what this means, tomorrow is going to be even worse!

Sound familiar? What are the things that prevented you from getting your work done? Seriously, if you had to write down exactly what your day was like, what would this list look like?

Make sure you include on this list the ‘time wasters’ as well. You know, those phone calls that was not needed, or the string of emails that was more social than work. Include them all on the list and, don’t forget the unannounced visitor(s) that just dropped in to say Hi

Starting to see a pattern here?

Training that Delivers Results

Benefits of Using PCE Training

Business is competitive and you work hard at staying that step ahead of your business rivals. When you send your staff to a training session, it should be seen as a day away from work. You deserve to see results from your investment and gain the return by having them equipped to implement their new skills immediately. This is where we come in:

PCE Training has the same focus:

Training that Delivers Results

Our training is an experience – not a lecture!