Our Training is an Experience, Not a Lecture

It is not business as usual. You have a diverse team, and they all have specific skills that needs to be harnessed to achieve your business goals. Half your battle is understanding how to get this diverse group to function as a team. The approach to developing your team needs to use this diversity and cultivate a passion to contribute.

Training must have a structured approach that will address the specific requirements of your organisation. The concept of delivering an off the shelf training package is not addressing your individual requirements but is based on a generic approach.

Your Organisation is Unique

Approach training as you would any business deal. Define the need, specify the outcome, execute and monitor. This is our approach. We establish your exact needs and tailor a package to address those needs. This is followed by our proposal for your review and approval. Then comes the training in the form of interactive workshops.

Why Develop Your Team?

Your business is being built on the skills of not only the business owner, but those of the employees. Having a disengaged team will lead to disengaged clients. That is not how you grow and maintain your business. The development of your employees contribute to the overall success of your business, and to deliver results, this training must be effective. What do you gain?

  • Improved employee participation.
  • Higher employee contribution.
  • improved client satisfaction ratings.
  • Reduced Absenteeism

Attending a training session is not merely a day away from work. It is about improving the skills of your team and developing your Champions which is what every Good Leader wants.


Achieve Your Goals

By investing in your employees, you will also be improving the levels of attracting the staff you want and need, as this display of opportunity for growth is a critical component on today’s job satisfaction criteria.

Some of our Courses

Workplace Motivation

Motivation in the Workplace

Join us for this workshop to gain the skills to not only know what motivates employees, but also how to create the environment it requires. Following this workshop you will be ready to inspire your employees.


Leadership – Influence with Passion

First, get to know the difference between Manager and Leader. Next, build the skills every leader must have and take your business to the next level. Join us in this fast paced workshop and become a great Leader.

Communicate with Clarity

Communicate with Clarity

Communicating is not simply Talking. Discover the difference by joining us in this workshop to sharpen your skills and get your message across. Learn the importance of body language and how to approach any situation. This course is a must for managers and supervisors

Personal Productivity

Personal Productivity

Join us to go on a trip of self discovery and find out how to maximise your workday. Know how to manage and plan your activities, and when to say no!

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Don’t be Good, be Great!

Show Me How

Why Choose PCE Training?

Return on Investment

With every investment you make, there needs to be a Return and training is no different. When you invest in training your staff, you expect and deserve training that delivers results.

Here is the deal! When we train your staff it does not take 6 months or more before they can apply their new skills. They are ready to implement these skills Immediately after completing our intensive workshop session. Is that not the sort of return you deserve?

Customised Training

Training should not be seen as a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Every business is different and as such will have different needs. That is how we approach training. It MUST meet your needs and Requirements!

We tailor our training to suit YOUR needs!

Driven by Results

Our training is delivered to maximise retention rates. We don’t want to train for the moment. Our goal is to ensure the skills gained at the workshop can be implemented and used to make a positive contribution to your business.

The other benefit from this style of training is that participants are able to implement their new skills immediately after completion of the workshop.

We will stay in touch to check on progress.